Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flower fedora

This is a picture i took a few months back, of this fedora hat I concocted. I wore it to a dog hat competition that i was judging. I will be posting one for sale just like this at my Etsy shop. So be sure to check soon!


Nadesh said...

Just happened to visit your blog. I don't find anything interesting except the fact that you are beautiful..

Nadesh said...

Hi Kathleen,

It was just an opinion. I personally feel I’m not a good blogger enough to suggest others. But still I could share my perception about an interesting blog.

Your blog doesn’t seem to be interesting for an avid reader. It gives an aesthetic pleasure but one can’t visit a blog only to find some aesthetically fabricated out-fits. A typical blog should combine text, images, other media and links to similar web pages in right proportions no matter whether your blog is personal, corporate or artistic.

Since you are more inclined towards fashion, you could share what you’ve learnt in/about fashion industry. You can write the significance of fashion in a culture, it’s notions of beauty and goodness, how it changes in pace with the ever changing life style, the misconceptions about fashion industry, the life of a model, the history of fashion in east, west, middle-east and stuffs like that…

I would be pleased if my suggestions create a spark in your mind.

All the best with your blogging and have a great day!